The Crew Report interview JP RIBs co-owner Jonny Edgar

After 14 years in the superyacht industry, Captain Jonathan Edgar has teamed up with father Phil Edgar to launch a line of custom RIBs for superyachts, combining the needs of the crew with custom perfection for the owner. 

“I’ve always been interested in tenders and RIBs, and my dad’s retired but has always built boats for pleasure, so I thought I’d tap into his talent and bring a bit of European styling back to New Zealand,” Captain Edgar tells The Crew Report.

Currently the captain of a 30m Wally and with the owner just about to sign on the dotted line for a 41m, Captain Edgar will be following the construction of the owner’s new yacht while taking on new RIB company JP RIBs. Read the full story here... 

Isla McKechnie