Electric Tender

Our electric tenders are made to move. Created by a superyacht captain who demands impeccable performance, their power and torque is on a par with diesel-powered electric tenders and can be created in any style to match the mothership's aesthetic. As an exceptional guest tender, we think a JP Green electric tender, like our limousine example here, can’t be beaten on aesthetic, performance and an uncompromising stance in protecting the environment. We're confident that they bring an electric performance and functionality not yet seen in the superyacht industry. 

A-850E Final 005 (2).jpg

An exceptional guest experience

No need for petrol or diesel to run the tender means no exhaust fumes or fuel residue in the water when idling or diving, and virtually silent running bar the sound of waves on the hull. For the owner, the tender is cost-effective to maintain and operate, and recharges from the mothership.

A-850E_Final 003.jpg

Built to fit your needs

We create each electric tender specifically to suit your needs; crafting it to match both the look and functionality you require. Using a naval architect, a world-leading electric power specialist and our expert team, we're able to deliver you an electric tender with performance far beyond what has previously been thought possible. 


Top speed of 35 knots 

The JP Green Electric Tender pictured is designed to have a running time of three hours at 15 knots and will run for over 12 hours at five knots. Reaching speeds of up to 52 knots, it is powered by a single unit jet drive from LTS Marine and made of composite with a foam core. Download its full specs, here.