Never compromise

For the team at JP Custom RIBS, the ocean is our livelihood, our escape, and at times our home; so it makes sense that we want to protect it. We're passionate about providing green energy solutions which don't compromise on performance. A new wave of world-leading technology provides torque and power to match leading thermal engines and we're proud to distribute that technology throughout Europe and the Pacific. The LTS Marine all-electric systems available through JP Custom Tenders can be purchased by OEMs, or as part of one of our specially-designed JP Custom Electric Tenders. 

All performance, all electric; no compromise. 


Our all-electric superyacht tenders perform on a par with diesel-powered electric tenders and can be created in any style to match the mothership aesthetic


LTS Marine’s all-electric system is the only drivetrain on the market to match the performance of leading thermal engines, and is without parallel in power and torque.


LTS Marine's all-electric wakeboats are all the speed and fun of market-leading tow boats, without the fumes or harm to the environment.