We've collected good people to create a great product


Jonathon Edgar 

Long-time superyacht captain Jonny, has studied the factors making a tender truly functional for crew and guests. Keeping guests warm and dry, moving them quickly, and crafting vessels which manoeuvre well and fit into tight spaces onboard yachts are all features which he ensures are present in each JP custom tender. To reach Jonny +64211699205 or jonny@jpribs.com. 


Phil Edgar 

Master boatbuilder Phil, has an innate understanding of what it takes to create sea-kindly vessels which perform, gained through a long and successful career building world record-breaking vessels. He's New Zealand-based and the first point of contact for JP Custom Tender's customers in the Pacific. You can reach Phil at +64 21 944032 or phil@jpribs.com.


Liz Banton 

Liz Banton is JP Custom Tender's financial controller and has been with the team since the company's launch. Liz keeps everything running smoothly behind the scenes and can be reached at accounts@jpribs.com

Bruno Tellier 

LTS Marine's Bruno Tellier is our electric power specialist. Based in Canada, he's the power behind the exceptional technology which powers JP Green and produces the electric drivetrains we have available. info@jpribs.com. 

Pete Bowe

Pete is based in the South of France and is the first point of contact for JP Custom Tender maintenance in Europe. Pete is also heavily involved in our European show presence. info@jpribs.com.