All-electric, all-performance 

Our all-electric superyacht tenders perform on a par with diesel-powered electric tenders and can be created in any style to match the mothership aesthetic. As an exceptional guest tender, we think a JP Green electric vessel can’t be beaten on aesthetic, performance and an uncompromising stance in protecting the environment. For the owner, the tender is cost-effective to maintain and operate, and recharges from the mothership



No need for petrol or diesel to run the tender means no exhaust fumes or fuel residue in the water when idling or diving, and virtually silent running bar the sound of waves on the hull.


Example features 

Running time:
5 knots - 12+ hours
15 knots - 3 hours
25 knots - 2 hours

Power source: 1x 200kw Motor (400Volt)
Drive unit: Jet Drive (Single unit)
Top speed: 35 knots (can achieve 52 knots with range compromise)
Cruising speed: 20-25 knots
Charge time: 40min – 5 hours



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